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Free Valuation

Property outsourcing for Landlords
Zero % fees.
No Tenants.
The alternative to traditional letting.

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How it works. 

 Guaranteed rent  
No fees

No tenants

How it works

Guaranteed Rent 

Imagine a world where you get paid every month even if your property is empty.

We guarantee landlord's rent for 3-5 years.

No voids. No hidden fees. No commission.

We offer superior service and attract professional short let tenants who are staying from between 1 week to 6 months. 

Managed and Maintained

FDP manage all routine maintenance on the property and deal with all day to day tenant communications. A completely hands-off service.


Property Makeover

Our tenants have high standards. We can help makeover and furnish your property to meet those demands. 

We will work with you to build a budget to refresh your place ready for our customers. 

No Letting fees 

You retain 100% of the monthly rental value. No extra or hidden costs in managing your let. Simple


Property management made easy

Property management can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult. 

Between dealing with tenants, managing the never-ending list of maintenance jobs, referencing, tenancy agreements, compliance, and eviction issues. It is no wonder that so many landlords feel overwhelmed and stressed. 

FDP is an alternative approach to using a traditional managed letting agency.

We offer Landlords a zero fees management service and guaranteed rent on long-term contracts of up to five years.

We take on all the management and maintenance of the property, so you don’t have to.

We can help refresh your apartment and furnish it to a high standard. 

Let us get your investment back to being passive.

We work with corporates.

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Calculate how much you can save in 2 minutes.

Free savings tool for landlords

The alternative letting agent.

We start by viewing your property. We will need to understand how we can bring out the best in your home. We want to be on the same page around the works required to achieve this and the market rent for your property. 


Get in touch

Arrange and viewing, let's see what we're working with.


Agree your rental

Agree on a guaranteed monthly rent and contract.


Let's get to work. 

Hand over the keys. We have got this. Paintbrush ready.

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