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How we work with Developers

FDP is actively looking to partner in order to take on 100 new units in Bristol in the next 24 months. We cant do that all on our own! For developers looking to retain, we have a zero fees model and are looking to take block developments off-plan. FDP have corporate tenants actively looking for more properties. We can contract in 24 hours and are ready to go. 


Committed Demand 

FDP would love to take brand new units to ensure the highest standards for our guests. We can take units off-plan and can work in partnership to get these ready for the market. You can start earning from day 1.


Flexibility to take whole blocks 

We are able to take on all sorts of properties. 

From Single residential units to Small blocks of apartments in all locations in Bristol. 

We are actively looking for more properties today!


Long term contracts 

FDP use a standard management agreement framework to protect Landlords. 

We offer long term commitments from 36 months to 10 years for guaranteed rent. No voids, damages or maintenance costs. 


No agency fees 

We partner with developers to help you achieve your commercial goals. We are looking to build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. 

We can take multiple units and act quickly.

Loose the middle man and get more value.


Trusted Property Management 

FDP have in-house teams that manage the whole lifecycle of bringing properties to the market. We can provide interior design and will furnish and prepare homes.

There is no need for you to dress your units to guarantee a sale saving you thousands in sales preparation costs.

During the life of the project, we clean and maintain properties meaning your asset is still in the best condition in 3-5 years.


Zero Fees model

We don't charge Landlords or developers any fees. So you retain more. Simple

We think on average this saves between 15-20% per month.

We use FDP to manage our property. They are extremely professional, did an amazing job on furnishing it to a high standard and have looked after it ever since. We love them and are looking to do more business in the future.

James Gage - Developer

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