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Property management for Landlords

The alternative to letting

Managed letting but better.

So if you are a Landlord you will be familiar with the standard offerings out there in the market. 

But typically these come in 3 flavours. 

  1. Tenant Finder 

  2. Managed Letting 

  3. Guaranteed Rent

Well we think that actually, the market has changed and tenant finding services are a commodity offering and you can do this easily yourself for free online with other providers like Openrent and Rightmove. 

So letting agents will compete on customer value in delivering a fully managed service. 

Manged Letting

How much does a fully managed let usually cost. 

So let's break this down into the same 3 options 

  1. Tenant Finder - Normally a fixed fee. up to 1 months rent. £500

  2. Managed Letting - 8-15% of the monthly rent is the average cost. 

  3. Guaranteed Rent - This is usually a cost for rent collection and insurance. Let's say another 5%

So having someone else manage the property in full can cost anything up to 20% of the monthly rental. 

How much does FDP charge? 

We don't actually offer a tenant finder service. 

We are the tenant. 

And we only want to offer the highest level of landlord value and risk management. 

FDP don't charge landlords any fees.

Yes, you read that correctly. Zero. 

We don't charge any fees for the fully managed service with guaranteed income. 

In reality, what does that mean? 

We will pay you the average Rightmove market rate, with no deductions, every month. For 36 months

You retain 100% of the market rental value.


What's included in your Managed let with guaranteed rent?

This is a detailed breakdown of how we compare with traditional letting services. 

We offer far more than just a cost-effective alternative. Our partner landlords will tell you that they value the hands-off approach above anything else. Your tenant is now a professional managing agent, so we rarely need to contact you as we just don't have the same tenant issues to deal with.

FDP is fully invested in the success of every project. If we don't maintain and manage the property effectively, We will not be able to achieve the required occupancy with our customers. 

So we furnish, maintain and clean the property to a superior standard. 

You just don't get this with a standard letting agency. 

Letting service comparison

What areas do you manage in Bristol?

We manage properties all over Bristol and are looking to add new high-quality flats and residential family homes across the city. 

If you have a property coming to the market we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch for a no-commitment conversation and free valuation.



How can i let my property with FDP?

Please arrange a time when we can come and view the property. We will be able to advise the monthly rental value and answer any of your questions. 

It usually takes around 24 hours to sign our management contracts online and typically 1 week to prepare the property for tenants. 

FDP typically invest around £5000 in every home to get it to ready for launch. At no cost to you the landlord.


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